Automated quality differentiation & sorting of co-streams and waste

One research area within the cycle project will focus on solutions for automated quality differentiation and early sorting of co-streams and waste within the production process. During the project a sensor system will be developed for quality differentiation and characterization of raw material and its residuals from agricultural and marine sector. Automated concepts for sorting between raw material on one hand, and co- streams and waste on the other will also be developed, leading to a higher bio-resource efficiency and increased sustainability within food production. The main focus will be on poultry, vegetables and pelagic and white fish.

Research goal

Develop VIS/NIR/(and/or) X-ray based sensor systems for optimal quality differentiation of raw materials, co-streams and waste; and develop automated concepts for an efficient and precise sorting of raw materials, co-streams and waste.

Work package leader: Ekrem Misimi