Food safety & logistics

How to manage and control the flow of food products throughout the supply chain, how to manage and reduce waste and how to handle emergencies related to unhealthy or unsafe food while at the same time increase the use of food loss and waste are important issues to address in order to reach the goal of sustainable food production in the future. The main challenges dealt with in the CYCLE project are how to: Pack, handle and control food products in integrated supply chains, handling a range of different products with varying characteristics and requirements, in order to maximize speed and quality while minimizing resource consumption. This will lead to the development of logistics processes that enable demand driven, safe and efficient supply chains, design of logistics processes to handle and reduce waste in the different value chain stages to improve sustainability, and transparency in information processes to handle emergencies to improve safety and more rapid withdrawal of unsafe foods, in addition to provide consumers with broader and more reliable product information about their food.

Research goal

Study challenges of managing and controlling the complex logistics processes in the food chain from manufacturing until end of life.

Work package leader: Ola Strandhagen