Bio-processing of waste for feed, fertilizer & energy

Global reserves of waste will increase in the future, and can be seen as a growing resource. In the CYCLE project, food waste that is not appropriate for food consumption will be used as feed, fertilizers and, at the very least, as energy. Currently there is no single optimal solution for the treatment of organic waste in Norway. Anaerobic digestion, composting and incineration are at present the most common approaches of waste treatment from food production. The utilization of organic waste for energy production has received increased attention in later years, both in anaerobic digestion and biodiesel production. Local solutions reduce the need for transport, and may cause increased awareness among the consumers and other end-users. Optimizing the scale of waste treatment, dependent on the inflow of waste materials is essential for a sustainable development of the food chain.

Research goal

Convert waste not appropriate for utilization as human food to feed, feed ingredients or fertilizer, possibly in combination with energy production.

Work package leader: Anne-Kristin Løes