Industry Partners

Christoffer Worsøe

Project Manager

Working place: : Global Green Energy AS

Competence of use in Cycle: 10 years of experience within commercial handling of bio waste.

Contribution in the Cycle project: Ongoing GGE projects regarding bio waste/ecological fertilizer

Utility value for the industry/R&D: Two ongoing Innovation Norway projects.

Hallgeir Sterten

R&D manager

Working place: Felleskjøpet Fôrutvikling AS

Competence of use in Cycle: Animal nutrition, animal feed, feed composition, feed rawmaterial knowledge

Contribution in the Cycle project: Discussion partner, reference person.

Erlend Gjønnes

Trainee Mechanical Engineer

Working place: Orkel Compaction

Competence of use in Cycle: Engineering.

Contribution in the Cycle project: Competence in compaction and conservation.

Utility value for the industry/R&D ? Production and utilisation of agricultural machines

Kjetil Evenmo

Senior Engineer

Working place: EPCON Evaporation Technology

Competence of use in Cycle: Energy efficient thermal separation processes (MVR-evaporation, -distillation, -drying).

Contribution in the Cycle project: Industrial partner.

Utility value for the industry/R&D ? Increased knowledge base and identify possible new applications for our products.

Tore Fløan

Managing Director

Working place: : Ecopro AS

Competence of use in Cycle: Ecopro have experience and skills based on biogas production since 2008. Ecopros biogas production is based on about 35,000 tons of organic waste and sludge from house holdings and industry.

Contribution in the Cycle project: We can contribute by our experience and skills. If needed, we can participate in small scale test at our biogas plant.

Utility value for the industry/R&D: R&D activities will give better knowledge and move the industry into correct direction in the area of raw materials, maximized biogas production, bio fertilizer and logistics.

Jens Strøm


Working place: Bama Gruppen AS

Competence of use in Cycle: Practical work.

Contribution in the Cycle project: Industry Partner.

Utility value for the industry/R&D: Reduce costs and environmental impact of the supply chain.

John Nordal


Research Partners

Tom Ståle Nordtvedt

Senior Research Scientist

Working place: SINTEF Energi AS

Competence of use in Cycle: Experience with thermal processes in food industry. Good knowledge of fish and meat industry in Norway. We are also working with thermal energy conversion processes. These include processes such as combustion, gasification and pyrolysis from energy sources such as fossil fuels, biomass and waste.

Contribution in the Cycle project: Will work in wp1, wp3 and wp5.

Utility value for the industry/R&D ? Will contribute to better thermal processes with less energy use.

Marit Aursand

Research director

Working place: SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture

Competence of use in Cycle: Administration, biochemistry and bio-processing.

Contribution in the Cycle project: Mainly management.

Utility value for the industry/R&D: The project will make a difference to the industry. Research teams will get new and applied knowledge.

Kaisu Honkapää

Research Scientist

Working place: VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Competence of use in Cycle: Food technology, product development, food bioprocessing applications, sensory quality.

Contribution in the Cycle project: Development of food (bio)processing methods and new products from vegetable co-streams.

Utility value for the industry/R&D: Enhanced utilization of vegetable co-streams as food products or food ingredients.

Henrik Egelyng

Senior Research Scientist

Working place: University of Copenhagen

Competence of use in Cycle: Develop existing macro-economic studies into new research – bio-economic quantification of (reduced co-streams and waste flows) in CYCLE solutions and scenarios.

Contribution in the Cycle project: WP5: WP-leader

Ekrem Misimi


Working place: SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture

Competence of use in Cycle: Machine Vision, Imaging technology, Automation.

Contribution in the Cycle project: Coordination of WP1 (Automated quality differentiation and sorting of co-streams and waste)

Utility value for the industry/R&D: Early quality differentiation of raw material into co-streams/waste and automated sorting accordingly. Increased raw material utilization, reduced food loss/waste, lower production costs, higher transparency of processing lines.

Jens Petter Wold

Senior Research Scientist

Working place: Nofima

Competence of use in Cycle: : Bio-spectroscopy, sensor technology, NIR, Raman, fluorescence, multispectral imaging, on-line measurements.

Contribution in the Cycle project: Bio-spectroscopy and on-line food quality measurements.

Utility value for the industry/R&D: On-line quality screening and sorting of raw materials enable effective process optimization.

Anne-Kristin Løes

Dr. scient

Working place: Bioforsk Organic Food and Farming

Competence of use in Cycle: : Agronomical expertise, especially on crops and nutrient demands and the use of organic residues as fertiliser. Competence in treating organic matter by an/aerobic digestion (AD). Large international network within organic food and farming.

Contribution in the Cycle project: Management of WP4, local supervisor for PhD-student, some activities in WP 5+6, representing Bioforsk in the Cycle consortium.

Utility value for the industry/R&D: (Re)cycling of local resources is a «must» in organic farming. Organic matter and nutrients (OMN) should circulate in the farming system, producing a surplus to be sold as food. The current linear, industrially designed food model should be replaced by cycling systems. My ambition is to contribute to a change in this direction via the Cycle project.

Tone Beate Gjerstad


Working place: SINTEF Raufoss Manufacturing

Competence of use in Cycle: Food scienceAutomation of food processes and operations, hygienic design of equipments and processes, sustainable manufacturing, technical coordination and project management

Contribution in the Cycle project: WP 1, WP4: R&D resource, WP6: WP leader

Utility value for the industry/R&D: Demonstration, verification and validation of project results/solutions.

Jan Ola Strandhagen

Professor and Centre Manager

Working place: NTNU Department of Production and Quality Engineering

Competence of use in Cycle: Logistics, ICT-applications.

Contribution in the Cycle project: Management, case work, strategic priorities.

Utility value for the industry/R&D: Create logistics solutions that will increase sustainability and are applicable in industry. Journal publications on food logistics.

Gunnar Vittersø

Gunnar Vittersø

Senior Research Scientist

Working place: SIFO, National Institute for Consumer Research

Competence of use in Cycle: Food consumption practices and waste handling within household, sustainable consumption.

Contribution in the Cycle project: SIFO is contributing to WP5 with a PhD on Changing food-wasting-practices through design intervention carried out by Marie Hebrok.

Utility value for the industry/R&D: This research will contribute with knowledge and empirical material that can inform designers, producers, and consumers on how to reduce food waste through design intervention.