CYCLE Newsletter no 1

Cycle newsletter no 1

Cycle newsletter no 1

Dear reader,
In today’s food production, only half of the raw materials are used for food products. Loss and waste is a large problem, which is why the CYCLE project aims to obtain total utilization of raw material from fish, chicken and vegetables. The focus in CYCLE is eco-cycle thinking and sustainable technological solutions for an efficient and profitable food process industry.

The project will run over four years with a budget of 50 million, where 40 million is financed by the Norwegian Research Council. W e have researchers from Norway, Finland and Denmark who collaborate with industry partners from chicken, fish and vegetable industry. We will also work with wholesale and distribution, equipment suppliers and various bioprocess industry that produce energy. If we are to succeed with the project goals, we believe it is essential to carry out research in close contact with industries across the value chain.

The project started in March 2013 and we had a kick off in April for all participants in T rondheim. There was lectures by researchers and industry partners and the working groups also met and planned progress. Representatives from these different search groups have been around the country this spring, visiting several of the corporate participants, and gained insight into how things are done now, and the challenges of the different industries.

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