• Welcome to the NoRest Conference in Copenhagen 25th-26th of October

    The NoRest conference is approaching and we are looking forward to seeing you there. The conference takes place Tuesday 25th and Wednesday the 26th of October at DGI-Byen Hotel, Tietgensgade 65 in Copenhagen.

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  • The Lerchendal Conference 2015

    The Lerchendal conference 2015 was titled “Change agents for green growth”. Watch project leader Marit Aursand present the Cycle project.

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  • The Gribbot

    Watch work package leader, within quality-and-sorting, Ekrem Misimi presenting the Gribbot. The Gribbot aims to automate manually based harvesting of fillets from the carcass in the poultry industry.

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  • Cycle seminar 26.05.14

    Watch interviews and presentations from the Cycle seminar at Rica Hell Hotel.

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  • Cycle

    In today’s food production, only half of the raw materials are used for food products. Loss and waste is a large problem, which is why the CYCLE project aims to obtain total utilization of raw material from fish, chicken and vegetables.

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